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I love paint.
There was something very taboo about putting paint on fine wood.
The immediacy.
The permanence.
Handmade boxes, mirrors, vessels and furniture
emblazoned with paint, beads and ephemera come to life in our studio.



We are a husband and wife team who create and sell TattooDreams.
We sell to very few galleries, so it is us you will see at shows across the country.
We've worked together as a collaborative team for 26 years.

Words, images and patterns envelope utilitarian objects and transform them into one of kind art pieces. The designs we use are uplifting and personal and the viewer turns into the collector by finding the piece that calls to them. It's all about passion and playfulness and celebrating the images which are in our dreams. They come to life in this body of work looking like tattoos on wood - thus the name, TattooDreams.

Our boxes and larger vessels have been used to hold loved ones cremains. These memorial urns are personalized and often begin the healing process in an artful way.


I've always been drawn to building things. These tapered boxes and larger vessels provide a cathartic release for me to 'build beyond the box'. I employ extensive use of home made jigs to facilitate my process. All of the work is primarily crafted from cherry wood, with an occasional maple thrown in for contrast. For luster and depth, I'll bring in some red oak with a satin jet black finish. It begs to be touched! It is this subtle undertone that I seek when preparing the "canvas" for Patricia to embellish.




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